Real Estate Photography


        Staging is a critical step when preparing a home for photographs. Potential buyers have to be able visualize what the home will look like to live in and staging is the best way to do this. Staging also helps the buyer focus more on the house itself and less on the personal possessions of the current seller.  Its rare that a property ever has to spend any money on effectively staging.  To understand more on staging and what can be done to create a more appealing space watch this short video. It is also important to direct your seller to read over the following preparations to save time and confusions on shoot day!


Follow These Steps to Prepare Your Home for Shoot Day!

Preparing Exterior

  • Remove Cars from Driveway
  • Sweep Walkways
  • Pickup Sticks + Leaves
  • Mow Lawn + Trim Shrubbery
  • Put Bicycles + Toys away
  • Hide Garbage Cans
  • Remove Seasonal Decorations
  • Hide Gardening Tools
  • Organize Outdoor Furniture
  • Clean Grill + Remove Cover
  • Clean Pool 

Preparing Kitchen

  • Cleanse Appliances
  • Remove Photos + Magnets from Refrigerator
  • Remove Small Counter-top Appliances
  • Wipe Counter-tops + Sink
  • Hide Electrical cables
  • Empty Trashcans
  • Remove Clutter from Counter-top
  • Remove all Carpet Squares from Kitchen

Preparing Dining Room

  • Remove any/all Clutter
  • Set Tables with Best Dinnerware
  • Place a Center Piece on Table

Preparing Living Areas

  • Remove Photographs
  • Declutter shelves
  • Organize Television Cables + Speaker Wires
  • Remove All Game Controllers + TV Remotes
  • Remove Newspapers + Magazines
  • Hide Fitness Equipment
  • Tidy Pillows + Blankets on Sofas

Preparing Bedrooms

  • Make all Beds and Tuck in Sheets
  • Organize all Pillows
  • Remove Items from Nightstands + Dresser Tops
  • Remove Clothes + Clutter
  • Ensure all Lightbulbs are functioning

Preparing Bathrooms

  • Remove all Toothbrushes from Stink-top
  • Remove Bottles + Soap Dishes from Sink Top
  • Remove all Bottles + Soaps from Shower
  • Remove all Carpet Squares from Bathrooms
  • Fold Hand + Body Towels neatly and Hang on Towel Racks
  • Wipe Down Sink-tops
  • Clean Mirrors + Shower Doors

On Shoot Day

        Prior to photographer’s arrival on the day of the shoot, make sure that all curtains and blinds are fully open, all lights are turned on including lamps, ceiling lights, and cabinet lights. Close all toilet seats, lock up pets, and turn off all televisions. I do not mind if you wish to watch the photo shoot, but I ask you give plenty of  space for the photo shoot process. It is extraordinarily easy to accidentally take a picture a person or pet who is walking by or sitting in a distant room. The best results are created when the sellers leave the area for the duration of the shoot. This helps the Realtor and photographer to plan and talk about the shots they want, and easily move around the property. I hope this little checklist helps with the preparation and overall that sale of your home!